b'The History of Lott Bros.By George H. Lott, IIIS ince 1962, Lott Bros. CustomFlounder.As the business evolved,prompted George H. Lott, Sr. to sell Rods, Bait and Tackle has beenthe business in 1960 and move his wife a staple in the North Palm Beachthey were one of the first in the countryCarrie and three children, George community. Its one of the oldest andto make a fiberglass blank rod in placeJr., Frieda, and John down to Florida most complete tackle shops in North- where he had family ties. ern Palm Beach County where fish- After the relocating, George H. Lott, ing enthusiasts from all over SouthSr. reopened his business in 1962 on a Florida can find the specialized toolspiece of sheltered waterfront property needed to pursue their passion. Theat 631 Northlake Boulevard, which shop is owned by brothers, Georgeat the time was only a two-lane road. H. Lott, Jr. and John R. Lott, butGeorge Sr. spent the next ten years the story behind the local treasuregetting the business established but begins long before them. The roots ofsadly, he would never get to enjoy the this family owned business run deepfruits of his labor. He passed in 1972, and its history dates all the way backjust 10 years after reopening the busi-to the 1930s in Baldwin, Long Island,ness, at the age of 58. At that time, New York.George Jr. had graduated from FSU Archie C. Lott, George Jr. andand was already home and involved Johns grandfather, was a worm dis- with the business. John, who was tributer in the late 1930s in the North- a student at FSU at the time of his east. He would drive from Long Islandfathers death, decided to leave Tal-to Maine, pick up blood worms andlahassee to return home to help his sand worms and distribute them tofamily keep the business going. bait shops along his route back to LongDespite the devastating loss of Island. After Archies son, George H.their father, George and John worked Lott, Sr. returned home from WorldArchie Lott at his shop in Baldwin,tirelessly to help Lott Bros. evolve War II in 1945, he encouraged George,New York into one of the top tackle shops in Sr. and his brother, Archie, Jr., toSouth Florida. The shops inventory open a bait, tackle, and custom rodof the traditional steel and bamboois specialized and unique to meet the shop of their own in Baldwin.designs. Their custom rods and inven- needs of a community whose lifestyle The brothers did well as one of thetory caught the attention of musicianrevolves around the ocean. Their walls only tackle shops in the area. They soldGuy Lombardo and various playersand shelves are stocked with a tre-American made reels by Ocean City,from the Brooklyn Dodgers. Unfortu- mendous variety of lures and terminal Shakespeare, Pflueger, and Penn andnately in 1958, at the age of 42, Archietackle, their freezers are stocked with specialized in Surf Rods for StripedJr. suffered a fatal heart attack whileall manner of frozen baits, they spe-Bass and Bay Rods for Fluke andvisiting his sister in Florida. This losscialize in making custom rods for all Custom rods featuring the iconic Lott Bros. wrap'