b"angling news Decades Apart, Connected By Fishingby Tom 'Buzz' BzuraC hange is inevitable, but something that hasnt changed is the passion an-glers have for being on the water. The West Palm Beach Fishing Club offers sportsmen and women alike a unique opportunity to compete not only against themselves and the many challenges faced when landing a trophy fish, but an op-portunity to compete against a history of decorated anglers. Some catches on the All Time Record Board in the clubhouse date back as far as the 1950s. Each record tells a story of whats being caught, where and when, encapsulating the memory of a catch of a lifetime.It was September 30th, 1952, and longtime club member Emil Rybovich was headed to fish the Palm Beach Inlet with 8 pound test line spooled up on his spin rod and an artificial lure. Emil and others put an emphasis on light tackle angling, setting a precedent in the WPBFC for years to come. On that day he would catch a 20 lb. jack crevalle and set an all-time WPBFC record.Max In an era with many advances in technology,Lichtig the Rybovich family is credited with building thewith Emil Rybovich in the yardfirst modernized sportfish boat in the years afterrecord aboard one of Rybovich &World War II. Emil Rybovich was the youngest ofJackSons classic creationsthree brothers. He was an avid fisherman,pilot, military veteran of the Army Air Corps and self-taught mechanical engineer. His brothers handled the business side of the operation and it was Emils responsibility to make sure the boats performed. His older brother, Johnnie, was instrumental in connecting the West Palm Beach Fishing Club to the boat building industry, having served as president of the organization for more than a dozen years. Not only would Emil tackle the mechanical functions on the front-end during the build, he would service the custom-built boats. Often times hed fly out to stranded owners in the islands, ensuring customers remained happy on the boats that bore his familys name. Emil was a re-sourceful asset in the industry. He wore many hats and played an important role in the family business that blazed a trail for modern sportfish builders today. Fast forward to September 30th, 2018, exactly 66 years to the day from Emil's record catch.WPBFC member Max Lichtig of North Palm Beach would take to the water, participating in the light tackle traditions of the Clubs angling contest that Emil and others did so many years before. Max needed another winning fish in any one of the casting categories (Fly, Spin or Plug) and decided to try his luck with Spin 8 tackle in the Lake Worth Lagoon, around Munyon Island while fishing with his father Sean. Work-ing a top water chugger would pan out much better than he could have ever anticipated. The thing about records are, theyre meant to be broken. Max caught and released a 38 lb., 3 oz. jack crevalle to best Emils previous record. Two men, many decades apart, connected by water and their love of fishing.Max is a highly decorated angler in the WPBFC, hav-ing earned the title of Grand Champion Adult Angler in the annual fishing contest on two occasions. Influencial club members, both past and present, often share the same desire to inspire the next generation of anglers. The WPBFC is thankful for Max and Emils contributions and participation in this historic institution.10 W estP almB eachF ishingc luB"