b"Jesse Webb's Swordfish Bill Finds A Home at WPBFCAspecial piece of big game angling historysetting sail on the ensuing nights and produced similar very has been donated to the West Palm Beach Fish- results.Dunaway described the newly discovered bonanza ing Club (WPBFC).The bill fromthis way, Believe it.South Florida sword-one of the very first recreationally targetedfishing is the most exciting big-game news swordfish landed off southeast Florida isto hit American waters in many years. now on public display inside our historicJesse Webbs mark on the sport fishing clubhouse. The late Jesse Webb, a long- community and his notable contributions to time WPBFC member, was among the firstour club go way beyond his historic sword-to target and successfully catch a swordfishJerryJessefishing feat.Prior to joining the WPBFC, recreationally off Florida on rod & reel. TheWebb Webb Jesse was a passionate light tackle angler WPBFC is honored to exhibit such a uniquewho was one of many angling luminaries piece angling history. in the famous Miami Rod & Reel Club. Jesses historic catch was made offshoreAfter retiring from the Miami Beach Police Miami on the evening of July 5th, 1976,Department, Jesse spent 10 years working aboard the charter boat Sea Boots withfor Pflueger Taxidermy, finding plenty of Captain Mike Carey at the helm andtime for fishing.Later in life he and his Capt. Bill Harrison and mate Stevebeloved wife Marylou would move to Stu-Fogg crewing the cockpit.Also aboardart, Florida.It didnt take long before Jesse were Jerry Webb (Jesses cousin) andfound his way to the WPBFC and our club outdoor writer Vic Dunaway, who wouldsoon benefitted from his active involvement. chronicle the history making event in the pages of FloridaJesses fingerprints are on many of the clubs angling Sportsman Magazine.Evidence had been piling up forprograms.Most notably, he played an instrumental role in some time to support the growing contention that anglingdeveloping the WPBFCs All Time Club Record program.for swordfish might just be practical.Nobody doubted theThis included the difficult task of reviewing virtually every presence of the fish in local waters because long-liners hadfish entry ever submitted by club members.The daunting been taking them regularly and in number for two years.Also, catches by sportfishermen were by no means unheard ofprobably two dozen were posted in the preceding year alonebut by accident rather than design.Most of the accidental catches had been made by anglers fishing deep for sharks, wrote Dunaway. Jerry Webb, who was the general manager of Pflueger Marine Taxidermy, was the first to land a broadbill, which would tip the scales later that night at 348 pounds.It was a relatively quick battle. The next fish was not so easy ac-cording to Dunaways reporting, On this historic evening, it fell Jesses lot to tangle with the tough one.He groaned some, but certainly did not complain as the second sword-fish of the night put him through an hour and a half of arduous labor.Twice it scorched away on long, near-surface runs.Three times it sounded and sulked and would notFlorida Sportsman Magazine highlighted the historic yield except, finally, after a lengthy and muscle-rendingnighttime swordfishing trip in 1976.stalemate.At last itsjob required reviewing and verifying thousands of indi-ponderous bill broke thevidual fish entry form affidavits, some dating back well surface and thrashedover 50 years.The project took Jesse nearly two years to feebly.A few minutescomplete.The result lead to the creation of the clubs All later, it was in the cock- Time Club Record Book (now published on the club website) pit, lying on top of theand eventually the impressive All Time Club Record board first catch.It weighedthat is the centerpiece of our clubhouse. 20 pounds more, or 368Having Jesses swordfish bill on display in our historic pounds.The time wasbuilding is a wonderful reminder of a very special member about 4am.who made a significant impact on our organization.Our Word spread quickly.thanks to the entire Webb family (three generations of club Numerous south Flor- members) for donating this significant piece of angling his-idaanglersfollowedtory to the WPBFC.We are forever grateful for the impact Jerry and Jesses leadyour family has made.8 W estP almB eachF ishingc luB"