b"Sandwich assemblyidea looked good on paper, but the heat of August resulted in more line at Herbert's than a few soggy ice cream barswhat a mess. When the program was based out of Lantanas Bicentennial Park, a large box truck was rented to store all the KFD food and supplies. The temperature inside that truck was equivalent to a sauna.The large panel door would be kept open to help keep things cool.This worked fine until a flock of black birds found the hot dog buns and saltines.another mess.Sailfish, wahoo, cobia and blackfin tuna have all been caught dur-ing KFD trips over the years.The sailfish catch was particularly embarrassing.The fish of course provided the thrill of a lifetime for the young angler who caught it.Unfortunately, the fish was boated and not released, which was perfectly legal.However, this was the orga-nization that helped establish the catch & release ethic for sailfishing, so bringing a sailfish back to the dock during its annual Kid's Fishing Day was not a good look for our program.We laugh about it now, but at the time it wasnt quite so funny.Thankfully, in over 30 years of producing this program, we have had very few injuries.Our dedicated crew of EMTs and the proactive awareness of our volunteers can beCapt. Tim Smith presents a KFDcredited.However, we did have one big fish awardvery scary incident in the early 2000s. Summertime storms are always a concern.During one trip aboard the 'Lady K' the boat took a direct lightning hit while kids were fishing along the rail.Fortunately, no one was injured. The boats electronics did not fare so well, but it was still able to complete the remaining trips.One of the youngsters onboard that day was none other than Jacoby Brissett, who is now an NFL quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and has a Super Bowl ring (when he was with the Patriots) to his credit.We hope his KFD experience doesnt diminish Great catch.but not quite the fishany future desire to go fishing!These are just some of the fond and funny we wanted to see back at the dock! memories of this enduring community program.T ighTL inesB uLLeTin- s pring2020 53"