b"Rodman ReminiscesRodman 'Rock' Leas, Lake Worth, FLY ears ago when we were youngsters my brother Don- fish within an hour and ald Boy Leas and I would often charter fish withhalf and my brother and Capt. Jackie Morrow.He was a fishing hero to me.II managed not to hook a can still remember how honored I was that he actuallysingle one!On the way in called me one time on the VHF radio to get information onI went up on the bridge to where the sailfish were. I kept telling all my friends thisapologize for our poor per-incredible fisherman was looking for bits of informationformance because Jackie from me!I was like a star struck groupie. knew we were better than My favorite Jackie Morrowthis.I noticed there was story follows:Boy and I savedno depth finder or LoranThe late Donald 'Boy' enough money to charter Jackieinstalled yet.Despite theLeas (l) & Rodman 'Rock' for half a day. We ordered a doz- ripping current Jackie hadLeas (r) in the early 1980s.en and a half live bait, becausefound a body of fish, andBoy won the Silver even though it was only a halfjust using his instincts,Sailfish Derby's day we were getting a chance tohad been able to get us backprestigious Rea trophfish with Jackie Morrow again. over the fish almost a dozen in both 1982 & 1983.WhenBoyandIarrivedattimes. Sailfish Marina, we discoveredOur half day trip was shortened by two hours, but Ill Jackie was running a new boat,remember it for the rest of my life as one of my favorite the 'No Problem', a 43' Merritt.trips.I had the privilege to watch a master fisherman We headed out and ran northshow his skill. Capt. Jack Morrow atup the beach.Soon, Jackie the WPB Fishingthrottles back quickly and weEditors Note: Capt. Jack Morrow, who now spends most Club in 2013 are instructed to fire out twoof his time in Georgia, has been a WPBFC member for 62 baits, which resulted in instant sail bites.As luck wouldyears.Rodman 'Rock' Leas has been a WPBFC member have it Boy and I missed both of them.Before we hadfor 46 years. even reeled in the empty hooks, Jackie throttles up and keeps running north for ten minutes.We were standing by ready for our next shot.Soon, Jackie once again brings the boat off plane and instructs us to pitch out two more baits.Again, instant double header, and again we both miss.Jackie throttles up again, runs for about ten min-utes, stops and again we throw out two more baits with instant bitesand again we whiff the hook ups. I also notice there isnt a boat anywhere near us.This scenario repeats itself for nearly an hour until my brother notices we are running a little longer than ten minutes.So he turns to the mate who, as I remember, was Tim Sperling and asks, are we going to a better spot?Tim, containing his frustration with us, just says yes. A long pause followed and then Boy turns to Tim and says, the dock right? and Tim goes yup.Needless to say, Jackie had put us on over a dozen sail-54 W estP almB eachF ishingc luB"