b"Capt. Al NathanDennis G. Punches Marine Scholarships AwardedScience Fund Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Masters Candidates,Established at FAUCaitlin Shea-Vantine and Rachel C. Larson have received the Palm Beach County Fishing FoundationsThe West Palm Beach Fishing Clubs charitable founda-(PBCFF) most recent Capt. Al Nathan scholarships. tion, the Palm Beach County Fishing Foundation (PBCFF), Caitlin is assisting shark researcher Stephen Kajiurahas established a new marine science fund at Florida in the lab.She has developed an interesting thesis projectAtlantic University (FAU) honoring the late Dennis G. that builds upon some of the work previously conducted byPunches of Tequesta.Mr. Dr. Kajiura.We have previously examined the impact ofPunches enjoyed all types the oil released by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on theof fishing, from fly fishing sensory capabilities of adult Atlantic stingrays.However,in Canada to chasing big it is estimated that 10 million barrels of oil still reside ongame aboard his boat 'One the seafloor, where it is not degraded as quickly as the sur- Lucky Punch' off Jupiter face oil.Benthic species, such as skates and some sharks,and in the Bahamas.He lay their egg cases on the seafloor where the embryoswas passionate about sup-develop for several months.Caitlin is studying the effectporting kids and continuing that crude oil has on the sen- education.This new fund at Caitlin sory capabilities of developingFAU embodies Mr. Punches Shea-Vantine embryonic sharks and skatesspirit of helping students said Kajiura.Caitlin plans toDennis G. Punches pursue their educational raise a cohort of skate embryosgoals and expanding our in oily water and compare theirknowledge of the marine environment he loved so much.olfactory and electro-sensoryThe Dennis G. Punches Marine Science Fund provides responses to a similar cohortan annual $10,000 gift for FAU graduate students conduct-raised in clean seawater.It ising pilot studies and/or related projects involving marine hoped the results will informfish data collection using acoustic telemetry.(see Acoustic scientists and others about anyTelemetry story, pg. 42)There is still much to learn about potential long term impacts ofmany species of fish and this cutting edge technology is environmental oil spills uponhelping unlock many of the mysteries.The data also helps developing embryos. resource management agencies develop sustainable fishery Rachels research is focused on understanding annualmanagement strategies.Some of the projects initiated fluctuations in wading bird abundances and habitat useby Dennis G. Punches Marine Science Fund recipients throughout the Greater Everglades Ecosystem. I am alsowill support existing research efforts already underway testing the use of innovative audio survey techniques forat FAU and at the FWCs Fish and Wildlife Research estimating nest densities and nestling body conditions inInstitute lab in Tequesta.We believe this is an exciting wading bird colonies, commented Rachel. opportunity to support FAU, along with the FACT network, The PBCFF has been awarding a scholarship in memorywith project driven studies that might not otherwise be of Captain Al Nathan to FAU graduate students sinceconducted due to lack of funding.We are very grateful to 2003.Al was a local charter skipper, lifetime member ofthe Dennis G. Punches Charitable Foundation for helping the West Palm Beach Fishing Club and a strong advocatethe PBCFF with this and other meaningful initiatives in of the clubs historic preservation efforts and marine biologythe community.We are honored to establish this special scholarships.To date, the PBCFF has presented $39,500fund in memory of Mr. Punches, said Tom Twyford, in scholarship awards at FAU in his honor. WPBFC President.Your Fishing Club's charitable affiliate, thecom, but the difference is amazon.com does not Palm Beach County Fishing Foundationextend donations.It's simple to get started:(PBCFF) has some great news to shareWe are1. Register bygoing to smile.amazon.compart of the AmazonSmile program, which will and selection the Palm Beach County Fishing donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible AmazonSmileFoundation as your charitable organization.products to our organization.AmazonSmile is a simple and2.Bookmark and do your shopping from the smile.amazon.automatic way for you to support the PBCFF every time youcom website.shop, at no cost to you.When you shop at smile.amazon. 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