b"Kid's Fishing Day Makes Lasting MemoriesF or more than three decades our organization has been introducing area youth to fishing through Kids Fish-ing Day.The program, which runs for three days, is held at Lake Park Harbor Marina and serves over 300 kids each summer.The Marine Industries Asso-ciation of Palm Beach County has been the title sponsor of this heartwarming com-munity tradition since 1988.Kids Fishing Day targets children from throughout Palm Beach County who dont normally have the opportunity or resources to experience salt-water fishing aboard a big boat.Kids are treated to a special day of environmental education, saltwater angling instruction and fishing adventure.Youngsters from sum-mer recreation programs, church affiliated organizations and mentoring groups participate.Nearly 60 volunteers, most from the West Palm Beach Fishing Club, take part serving as program instructors sharing their expertise with this next generation of anglers. Many of the kids have never been on a fishing excursion offshore.Clearing the inlet on a big boat or seeing a flying fish launch from the waves is a thrilling first time experi-ence.Countless kids have caught their first-ever fish as well.In addition to the drift fishing trip, the kids also learn about boating safety and various fishing techniques.On land, each youth group rotates through a series of educa-tional activity stations, which include knot tying, how to cast a fishing rod, how to be a responsible angler and more. With the help of marine biologists and local fishing experts the kids visit a Where Fish Live station learning about the importance of protecting mangroves and sea grasses, conveying the message With no Habitat, there are no Fish.Participants, accompanied by chaperones, range in age from 8 to 12 years old.The program, which is offered free of charge by the Palm Beach County Fishing Foundation, provides each child with a T-shirt, hot dogs, drinks, per-sonalized certificates of participation, tackle kit and a new fishing rod and reel.Approximately 14,000 kids have ben-efited since the programs inception.Kids Fishing Day is underwritten by generous individuals, family foundations, businesses and community organizations who share our vision of sharing and connecting kids to the ocean.The Town of Lake Park is also an instrumental partner provid-ing an ideal location to headquarter the event.Thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers for helping us introduce kids to fishing these past thirty-two years.Together we are giving kids in our community a greater appreciation of the marine environment and building better environmental stewards for the future. Many thanks to these major Kids Fishing Days sponsors: Bill & ClareSandie & Bohnett Ethan Weitz2019 Memorial Donationsbenefiting Kids Fishing Day"