Winter Fishing Contest

Winter Fishing Contest


November 1 - April 30

Winter Fishing Contest Winners

Winter Fishing Contest Rules

The club's Winter Fishing Competition is based on total accumulated points and features six different award categories: Tackle Contest (spin, plug, fly, general), High Point Fish, Junior High Point Fish, Release Awards, Pee Wee Awards & Overall Grand Champion Award. The point system is based on the club's standardized species and tackle category chart which appears on the reverse of the official club affidavit. A member entering a fish at or above the weight shown on the chart will be credited with 200 points. Likewise, any fish released will be awarded 200 points.

It is to each anglers advantage to enter as many different species of fish as possible and to catch these fish on a wide variety of tackle divisions. Only one fish per tackle division will be scored. For example, one a 200-point jack is entered in Spin 8, no more points will be awarded to that angler for jack entries in the Spin 8 division. High point fish entries are considered separately. When entering your catch, it will only be considered for the line class/tippet categories you indicate on the affidavit. The club does not automatically "bump up" any entries. Multiple catches of the same species and tackle classification can be entered on one affidavit. For example, if you caught and released two bonefish on fly 12, you could enter both fish on one affidavit by writing fly 12/20 on the line class blank and indicate 2 releases in the release blank. View complete winter contest rules by clicking the link above.

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