Summer Fishing Contest

Summer Fishing Contest


May 1 - October 31

2017 Summer Fishing Contest Standings

Summer Fishing Contest Rules

Unlike the Club's Winter Fishing Contest, which is based on points, the Summer Fishing Contest is based upon the weight of individual fish. Awards for twenty-one different species of fish in multiple tackle categories are presented. For the inshore and offshore awards, the heaviest eligible fish caught on the specified tackle will be judged the winner. For the release awards (blue marlin, bonefish, sailfish & tarpon) the winner will be that person who accumulates the most release points. The inshore and offshore champions will be those anglers with the highest number of winning fish in each respective category. However, this must include at least two winning fish in at least two of the three casting divisions (artificial lures only, Fly, Spin or Plug). The afoot awards will be awarded to those anglers who have a outstanding catch without the use of a boat in any way. Please make a notation on the affidavit in the location block that the catch was made afoot.

The designation of a fish as either inshore or offshore is not meant to be restrictive. An eligible fish may be entered regardless of catch location within the contest boundaries. Special Ultra-Light Tackle awards are presented to those members catching heaviest largemouth bass, snook, trout, redfish and jack crevalle using 4 lb. test line or lighter with artificial lures.

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