Club Records
All Time Fishing Club Records


Tackle Angler Lbs/Oz Location Date
Fly 12Dave Webb12.00Off Palm Beach4/4/1996
Fly 20Dave Webb13.09Jupiter4/9/1999
Spin 4Jay Young12.08Loxahatchee River4/5/2009
Spin 8Les Davidson15.08Loxahatchee River3/6/1995
Plug 10Bob Frevert14.00Loxahatchee River3/20/2017
Plug 16Jay Young14.00Loxahatchee River3/20/2017
Gen 4Jay Young13.00Loxahatchee River3/20/2017
Gen 8Mark Alford16.05Loxahatchee River3/15/1987
Gen 12William Dorahush21.00Currie Park4/16/1971
Gen 20Frank Cote19.00West Palm Beach4/3/1969
Gen 50Donald Ryks, Jr.18.04Off the Breakers4/4/1978
UnlimitedArthur Molnar20.04Delray Beach3/29/1981
Biggest Bluefish of the current year
Jay Young13.08Jupiter3/19/18
Caught on Plug 10 tackle.

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Jan 23, 2019
Capt. Chip Sheehan
Bahamas Wahoo Trolling

Silver Sailfish Derby Captain's Meetingevent
Jan 9, 2019
Silver Sailfish Derby Captain's Meeting
WPBFC Clubhouse